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​Singing, choir and voice

Solo voice: I started singing classical church music as a child. At 19 I joined a vocal jazz choir which gave me a stepping stone to blues, classical, musicals and after moving to Denmark it all culminated into Gospel music. Just as stage fighting combines my many interests in acting, history, movement and mime, gospel combines all my musical interests from classical to funk and soul. I can be hired as a soloist with or without a pianist or band.

I sing renaissance and medieval music, such as John Dowland at the Renaissance Festival at Kronborg Castle and the Danish War Museum and at the Knights Medieval Festival in Kalundborg.

Gospel Joy: Three professional singers who deliver a real gospel sound that moves their audiences to clap, cheer, dance and cry. In the gospel spirit of singing from the heart, these women have performed for audiences of all ages. They do school and church concerts, musical lecture/ demonstrations about the history of gospel music, team building and teaching. They can also be hired to coach choirs in presentation and voice technique. The main goal for the group is to inspire the audience to get involved, if they want.

Satin Dolls: Three elegant singers perform either on stage or by walking from table to table to give individual performances for guests at dinner engagements.


Solo voice: Breath control and relaxation is the key to singing. When I work with a person, I focus on how to free the breathing by training the body to use the right muscles in the correct way with no emotional blockages.


Being an English speaking actress I can do a variety of accents and characters. My voice is used most often with an international or “mid-Atlantic” accent.


The audience is involved with a living form of storytelling.

Action packed

High tempo, drama and stunts.


With humor I appeal to every age group.

Choir workshops

Choir: Workshops are available for choirs in blending voices, presentation, performance techniques and movement, as well as voice technique. Workshops can be from 2 hours to a weekend or ongoing. One example is a gospel weekend workshop for confirmation students where I work alone or with a pianist.

Conducting: I feel a choir conductor/director should concentrate on blending voices, presentation and performance techniques, as well as bringing out the message and dynamics of the music. His/her job is to inspire choir members to feel the music.

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