With Tina Robinson​

Strengthen your team​

Do you need to create a team building event that really pushes boundaries?

Team building when based on gospel or stagefight is perfect for unifying groups and creating group spirit for courses, workshops, Christmas parties and other company events in a fun way. It creates a lively environment for strengthening cohesion and enables participants to perform at their best.

Action Art gives you a unique opportunity to learn and grow in a positive fashion. The experience gives participants the tools that they can use daily and best of all, it is fun and educational.

Stage fighting

Preparation – Cooperation – Dynamic – Fun

  • “Make your partner look good”: you are only as good as your partner(s).
  • “Show and go”: make a preparation movement so your partner(s) knows when to react.
  • “Remember who you are fighting for”

These are some of the phrases and concepts we use in creating fencing and fighting scenes for theatre and film.** After learning the techniques, participants learn to create a dynamic fight with a partner so it is entertaining and exciting for the audience, yet safe and controlled.The audience is more important than you and your ideas are. If they don’t work, let them go.


Cooperation and working together is paramount in creating the story you want to tell.

**Workshops can be with or without weapons.

Choir/ Singing

Working Together – Breathing – Voice Technique – Presentation

Singing in a choir requires team work and following direction. Directing requires leading wisely so that people want to follow.** It’s not so important to be able to sing well, the basis for the workshop is playing with rhythm, song technique and creating a good atmosphere. Gospel music is the most popular but there are songs for any party or workshop theme: pirate, medieval, renaissance, gangster, western, jazz, classical, you name it.

**There is a possibility for trying your hand at directing the choir.


The audience is involved with a living form of storytelling.

Action packed

High tempo, drama and stunts.


With humor I appeal to every age group.

Public Speaking

Your voice is your business card

Learn to use your voice to its full potential through breathing and other fun and exciting voice technique exercises. Be heard and understood. Listen and understand. This workshop can be tailored to:

  • Speeches
  • Exams
  • Giving presentations or talks
  • Speaking in english

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