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Horse performance and teaching​


Awareness – Trust – Mutual Respect – IntuitionMost often called horse whispering, horsemanship is about learning the body language of horses. Working with horses is like holding a mirror up in front of you because they react immediately to our actions and mood. Learn simple signals in order to communicate with a horse and get them to trust and respect you enough to choose you as leader. It’s a magical moment filled with feelings of success and excitement when you manage to get a horse to follow you voluntarily.

Horses can be calm and good-natured, but become uneasy when they sense fear, nervousness or inexperience from their riders. Horses are socially highly developed creatures and are very communicative and cooperative. 

However, it must be understood that horses are basically prey animals and therefore always on the defensive. Their main defense mechanism is running so they survive by cooperating with each other to detect danger.

Communicating with a horse in its own language, which is body language, is the most ethical and effective method to create calmness and trust. It is important to be able to evaluate a horse’s behavior through its body language to calm it down before it gets scared and tries to run.

Humans have been studying the body language of horses for centuries and in training and dealing with horses, this knowledge has been forgotten and rediscovered many times. This simple and basic understanding of a horse’s body language can prevent dangerous situations.​


The audience is involved with a living form of storytelling.

Action packed

High tempo, drama and stunts.


With humor I appeal to every age group.

​Horses and Actors

Almost every actor I have worked with and talked to has had a horror story about safety issues that went wrong. The reasons span from inexperience, nervousness or frightened actors to overzealous actors without the proper training. Many accidents happened because the proper safety experts or stunt coordinators were not present during filming or the expert wasn’t experienced in working with film or theatre.

With my background as an actress, stage fighter and stunt woman, I have many years of experience in helping actors to keep calm in stressful situations. Together with a team of experts, I can offer expertise in the field of stunt scenes with horses. This includes training in horse communication (body language), stunts (falls, etc.), riding lessons (western, dressage, tournament and fencing on horseback).​


I offer entertaining and audience-friendly performances with lots of action and humor. Our performances, for example, may be based on historical events with colorful characters and lethal fighting scenes with and without horses. We can tailor a show to almost every theme.

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