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Danish history in action

In 1992, I started collaborating with several museums and medieval centers to create a more audience-friendly way of communicating Danish history. All our performances and displays are tailored to suit the history, era and subject of the venue. These are fun and action-packed performances and good lectures that appeal to every age group.​

I live in the capital area of Zealand, which is why we hold many lectures and performances in and around Copenhagen.

Contact us for more information on fun and informative plays with historical or any other educational themes.

Places we've performed include:

  • The Danish War Museum: Tournaments and action shows with wire stunts and weapons
  • Bornholm’s Medieval Center: Action shows based on Danish medieval history
  • Kronborg Castle/ National Museum: Renaissance tournaments and improvisational theatre, taking the audience back in time to bring the castle and historical figures to life.


The audience is involved with a living form of storytelling.

Action packed

High tempo, drama and stunts.


With humor I appeal to every age group.

Medieval weaponry

30-minutes of fun and fighting with Sir Esben and his squire, demonstrating the weapons of their time – the 1350’s. The concepts of chivalry, respect and honor are in the forefront.

Renaissance fencing

30-minute demonstration in fight techniques from the 1450’s to1650’s by none other than Denmark’s King Christian IV and his Italian fencing master, Salvator Fabris.

Call for the price for Funen and Jutland.

Women Warriors

The Amazons, feared and gruesome women who killed their male babies, lived without men and cut off their breast… But did they exist? Is that how all women warriors behave? How many have there actually been throughout time? Wasn’t there only Jeanne d’Arc? This is an action-packed, visual history exploration of why we have only heard of Jeanne d’Arc and a few others. Did the Amazons exist? This lecture introduces some of the many women warriors who have existed and the myths that have sprung from these strong and colourful women. What is the impact of knowing?

I use the subject of warrior women as a way to examine issues such as social norms, roles of the sexes and equality. My main message is that “equality” shouldn’t be an issue. In order to have a more balanced and healthy society, we must allow and encourage people to be the best that they can be, by using the talents and skills they were born with.

This lecture can be customized depending on the venue and the focus (women in business, roles of the sexes, what makes a good leader, equality, school feature week, just historical aspects, etc.). It can be pure lecture with power point and talk or also with live action scenes that demonstrate the fighting styles.​


The history of European weapons

30-minute action packed storytelling and demonstration about the development of the sword in Europe from Viking to early 1900’s. And what did fashion have to do with this?

Stunts for children and their parents

How do you put a fight together for film or theatre safely? During this 2 to 3 hour lecture kids get a chance to “fight” with their parents in a safe, fun and relaxed atmosphere which ends with watching clips from filmed fight scenes.​

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