Acting training and exercises with Tina Robinson

My background is method acting (B.A. Dramatic Arts, Mills College), classical acting (Drama Studio London) and physical theater (The Commedia School, Copenhagen): clowning, mime, acrobatics, cabaret, storytelling, melodrama and mask work.

My experience ranges from traditional acting on stage (indoors and outdoors) to film and TV to improvisation (scripted or unscripted). See CV

I can offer play and script test readings, workshops in how to present in English, as well as performances of play readings.


With a background in classical to physical theatre, I like to work from the feet up and also with breath. An actor must be true not only to the character’s words but also to his/her movements. The physical inspires the verbal and visa versa. I adjust and work with different exercises to fit the individual or group. 

My experience ranges, for example, from acting outdoors, with and without microphones, to teaching non-verbal expression to opera singers at the Opera Academy to coaching Danish actors in English. 


  • London Toast Theatre
    – Murder Mystery
    – Crazy Christmas Cabaret 
  • Teater Solaris
  • The Royal Danish Theatre
  • Copenhagen Opera House
  • Egedal Kommune – Renaissance festival
  • Bornholm’s Medieval Center
  • Kalundborg Museum
  • Kronborg Castle
  • Danish National Museum
  • Ballerup Municipality
  • Danish War Museum
  • HIT House of International Theater


“Coaching” is the best word to describe how I direct. I like to work kinestetically with the “players” to bring out the story. Taking my inspiration first from the text and then the actors, I weave the movement together so that the actors’ movements feel natural and the text comes alive. 

I direct both indoor and outdoor theatre productions and events, as well as choreograph fight scenes.

See Stage Fight/Stunts

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